Speaker Topic Online File
1 Dr. E. K. Bailey Day of Pentecost Click Here
2 Dr. Miles J. Jones Lecture  
3 Dr. Miles J. Jones Message Click Here
4 Dr. Benjamin Mayers Message  
5 Dr. Sandy Ray Israel in Transition Click Here
6 Dr. Gardber C. Taylor It Is Finish Click Here
7 Dr. B. E. Mayers Message  
8 Dr. G. C. Taylor Broad Vision from a narow Window Click Here
9 Dr. M. L. King, Sr. Message Click Here
10 Dr. Sandy Ray A Voice in the Wilderness Click Here
11 Dr. C. A. W. Clark T. M. Chambers Service Click Here
12 Dr. Melin Wade Witnessing  
13 Zan Holmes Lecture  
14 Rev. Jessie Truvillian Down Moses  
15 Dr. Richard Simons Uban Sociey & Black Survival  
16 Dr. Evans Crawford Malpractice  
17 Dr. Kilgore Church Responsibility  
18 Mrs. F. C. Thompson Women's Hour  
19 Rev. Jessie Truvillian Lecture  
20 Dr. Theodore J. Jemison Faith & Life  
21 Mr. T. B. Boyd, Jr. Walking on God's Program  
22 Rev. A. F. Campbell Summation Address Click Here
23 Dr. John M. Ellison Preparation & Delivery of Sermons  
24 Dr. Epps Youth Speaker  
25 Dr. Roscoe Cooper Closing Message  
26 Revs. Winters / Bailey Church Growth & Development  
27 Dr. Thomas J. Kilgore As A Community of Servants  
28 Dr. E. V. Hall What do you Preach? Click Here